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Odiham Swimming Club reserves the right to change or cancel a course at any time. Arrangements will be made to reschedule where possible.

All lesson times are subject to change. However, all participants will receive prior notice and when alternative lessons are offered, no refunds will be given.

Your swimming place for each term is allocated to your child unless you tell us otherwise. If you will not be enrolling for a place the following term, you must advise us before the next term commences.

Classes are kept small to ensure your child receives the best attention.

All instructors are qualified and experienced swimming teachers who hold the relevant Swim England certificates, DBS checks and National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches (RLSS NRASTC).

Odiham Swimming Club teachers and aquatic helpers may support your child during swimming lessons to aid technique.

As some physical contact with your child is unavoidable, all teachers and aquatic helpers adhere to the ASA Child Protection Guidelines.

The NPTS (National Plan for Teaching Swimming) is used by Odiham Swimming Club. Children will only be moved up when they have developed the required skills, stroke technique and distance for each stage.

Odiham Swimming Club Risk Assessments, Child Protection and Insurance Policy are displayed in the pool side document books. These are reviewed every 12 months, or after an incident has occurred.

To protect the public from inappropriate pictures being taken, the RAF Odiham Pool policy is that cameras, video cameras, tablets or mobile phones with an image capturing facility are not permitted to be used on poolside or changing room areas.

If an instructor is unwell or cannot attend a session, Odiham Swimming Club will make every effort to provide a cover teacher..

Odiham Swimming Club will not be at liberty to refund money or defer your class in the event of your inability to attend some or all of the lessons.

Odiham Swimming Club does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of property or articles left on the premises. Odiham Swimming Club shall not be held responsible for any personal injury or fatality that may occur.

Odiham Swimming Club can only take responsibility for children and young people in the water and on poolside. At all other times children remain the responsibility of their parents. Please note Odiham Swimming Club does not accept any responsibility for the safety and well-being of any adult or child spectators whilst they are on site.

Odiham Swimming Club must be informed of a swimmer’s medical conditions or learning disabilities as soon as possible.

Please do not allow your child to swim if they have an open wound, any infectious disease, cough, cold, ear infection, head lice or stomach upset.

It is the responsibility of each swimmer or in the case of child swimmer, parent or guardian of the swimmer to ensure that they are fit and well enough to participate in lessons.

OSC will not accept liability for any infection passed to a swimmer by another swimmer during lessons or on pool complex.

The swimming pool should not be used by persons who have consumed food within an hour and a half of lessons.

In the event of an emergency the person in charge (lifeguard) will blow one long blast on a whistle. All swimmers and spectators will immediately stop what they are doing and wait quietly for further instructions from person in charge (lifeguard).

If it is necessary to clear the pool, when the instruction is given, all swimmers will move to the sides of the pool, leave the water and stand back from the side. Swimmers will remain standing at all times. If it is necessary to evacuate the building, no attempt should be made to recover possessions from anywhere within the building. The evacuation meeting point is the Grassed Area by front car park.

In all instances a member of staff (lifeguards) will take charge and issue foil blankets as required.

It is necessary that children and young people only change for swimming in the designated changing areas provided.

Please be aware that the maximum age limit for a child to enter the changing rooms of the opposite gender is 8 years old.

For swimmers who are non-binary, we will take each swimmer on a case by case basis and discuss the best way forward.

Please ensure that swimming hats are worn by all swimmers, it is the parents responsibility to fit them.

Please arrive promptly for your lesson. Any parent who arrives late for the lesson should take their child to the poolside  co-ordinator for them to take the child to the lesson. The teacher may not allow your child to join the swimming lesson if they are more than 10 minutes late.

Once your child is changed and ready for their lesson, please keep children away from the pool side edge until their teacher calls for them. Do not allow them to sit on pool side edge.

Be careful moving around the pool as surfaces can be slippery.

The swimmers should not enter the water until told to do so by their teacher.

No food may be brought onto or consumed on poolside.

Cold drinks are permitted but should be in spill proof plastic container. No glass containers or cans are permitted.

Please note that no outdoor footwear, car seats or pushchairs are allowed onto poolside.

We are very happy for you to stay and watch but please refrain from walking up to the teachers whilst lessons are taking place.

Parents who wish to observe their children during swimming lessons must stay within the designated seating area.

Children who are not swimming, must be kept under parent/guardian control and must not be allowed to wander around poolside.

Parents/Guardians of children under 8 must remain on the premises during their children’s swimming lessons. A written consent letter must be provided for any child aged 8-16 who will be left unattended.


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